Quick, Easy And Simple Side Salad

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Hello sweet team welcome back to my page. This is sweet Adjeley. Today, I share my very simple tore salad recipe with you. You don’t need much but whatever vegetables you have at hand. In my case I have:


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    Next, we are just going to slice, dice or chop. Whatever way you like. I featured this salad a while back in my jollof rice recipe. And so many of my sweet members wanted to know how I made it, so here you have it, it is simple but most of all its healthy. So, I do hope that those that requested it will try it.

  • STEP 2

    Next I will season with salt you can add if you like. Then I also put a bit of apple cider vinegar then I drizzle a bit of olive oil, then I go ahead and stir everything then our salad is ready. You can enjoy this salad with boiled egg, fish, meat, chicken, whatever type of protein you like, it is perfectly fine, but today I will be enjoying it with this perfectly easy turkey smoked jollof rice recipe which I will be uploading very soon, so turn on your notification bell so that you don’t miss it while I upload it.

  • Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoy this video. If you are a new subscriber, welcome to my channel this is sweet Adjeley. Thank you so much for subscribing. And to the sweet team you all know I love you. Until I see you in my next video stay safe, keep loving each other and remember that the love of family is life’s greatest blessing.


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