Simple One Pot Fried Rice Recipe

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Hello sweet team, welcome back to my channel. This is Sweet Adjeley. I am so excited to be with you all as I share this very quick and simple rice recipe with you, but I promise you it tastes delicious.


Step by step method

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    In a part I’m going to add some of my juice from baking the turkey if not all, to that I’ll add about two teaspoons of my homemade tomato paste, you may add more or less but I’ going for more pale color that’s why I’m using just this much and we’re going to fry until it thickens up and all funny smells are out. To this I’ll add some vegetable seasoning and let it cook on a very medium low heat.

  • STEP 2

    Next, I’ll wash about 3 cups if rice and we’ll be adding that to our thickened-up sauce. Stir and cook it for about five minutes which will toast the rice a bit, it will help us get very nice single grains of rice we do not want this to be mushy at all because this I like one pack of fried rice type of recipe. Then, we will add our water but, you will always want to add it little by little because less is more but if you add too much that’s it you can’t fix it. Taste it for salt, cover it up bring it to a boil then we will lower the heat and allow it cook for about 15 minutes then we stir it up to allow the steam to penetrate beautifully and continue cooking .

  • STEP 3

    Meanwhile, I’ve prepped some vegetables; carrots, cabbage and onions and I’ll salte the carrot first in a bit of coconut oil I seasoned with my vegetable seasoning and I’ll salte this for about a minute. To that I’ll add the rest of the vegetables and as soon as that goes in, I turn the heat off toss it around an let it sit and rest beautifully. At this point our rice is nice and ready it is tasting good so we’re going to add our vegetables to that, give it stir and I’m also going to be adding a bit scallion to it and stir it up nice then I’m going to turn the heat off, cover it with parchment paper until we’re ready to serve. This will help the condensation stay above the parchment, so our rice does nit get watery or mushy. Then we are ready to serve and enjoy, I promise out if you try this recipe you will love it.

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