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Hello team, welcome back to the channel. This is SWEET ADJELEY.

I am so excited to be with you as I share my ‘Kenan’ (fried fish) shito recipe with you. And it is a reupload. If you are new to my channel join the sweet team buy clicking on that subscribe button right now. And hit on the bell for notifications so you do no not miss out on anything that I upload. Now let’s begin.


Step by step method

  • STEP 1

    First, I add all the ingredients in the blender then I add the stock from steaming my meat. And my mama Bee taught me this trick, Oh my God, this will make your shito so delicious.

  • STEP 2

    Then once everything is blended am going to cook it until all the moisture is out of it. So, meanwhile let us fry our meat. I will be frying my meat, and my shrimp and tilapia at this point. Please ensure that you fry and its crunchy and no moisture is left in it. When you see your oil foaming up like this then it means it ready. Or you can bite into one and check how crunchy it is. Why is this important, Kenan shito is usually stored outside and oil is used to preserve it. Now. with the oil you do not want any moisture in it, so you have to use a clean dry so spoon to get it. So, if your protein is not dry its going to spoil your pepper and you do not want that. So please try to ensure that this is nicely fried and its really crunchy.

  • STEP 3

    So the shrimps are fried and am going to get everything out then go ahead and fry the tilapia as well, while that is going on am just going to check on my blended up ingredients. And it looks like all the moisture is out of is. And my beautiful sister pretty Naadu taught me this trick, it is a life saver. You need to start doing this. At times I do this one day, store it and I make my pepper another day. It is the best way.

  • STEP 4

    So, we are ready to go. In a pan am going to add my oil, to that I will add my tomato paste and let it fry for about 8 – 10 minutes.

  • STEP 5

    Next I will add my blended-up ingredients, the one that I cooked or dehydrated earlier, and we are going to cook this till its halfway dehydrated. Then, don’t forget your tilapia, so that it should not burn. Once I get that out of the oil, am going to add that oil into the sauce, Oh my goodness, for extra flavour. But know that shito requires a lot of oil, trust me it will not hurt.

  • STEP 6

    Once that goes in am going to let it simmer for a while then I add my shrimp seasoning. You can add any seasoning that you like. If you do not like the Maggie cube you can use salt, but I added that and my salt. As you see it cooked for about 10 minutes and the bubbles begun, and if you scoop it and you see its separated like this, then know that we are in business. It is well dehydrated.

  • STEP 7

    So, it is time for me to add my shrimp powder my chili pepper and my herring powder. I will stir it together and allow it to cook for about 10 – 12 minutes.

  • STEP 8

    Then, it will be time for our protein. Oh my goodness, look at those shrimps, and the tilapia, and the meat. They look absolutely delicious. At this point we have about 5 minutes for our sauce to be done. Once this goes in, it is ready. Just let it simmer for about 10 or so minutes. The very first day these will feel so hard and crunchy, it’s okay. But don’t worry, as the days go by it will be fine. Please do not forget to add your ghana made coconut oil or any other coconut oil for that matter because it makes a very big difference. If you do not have oil from frying fish, that is fine, but the coconut oil is imperative. It will give that waakye seller shito taste that you will never get. I tell you.

  • STEP 9

    Now, we are going to let it cook completely then we transfer into our containers and jars. Once it settles down, oil will settle on top of it. Whenever you are ready to scoop it, you have to tilt it to the side then you scoop just the shito and leave the oil. Because it is a preservative and you don’t want to enjoy the oil just the shito.

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