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Here you go, you asked for it and it is here. Our tea bread recipe is ready so sit back and enjoy. Hello sweet team, welcome back to my channel this sweet Adjeley. I am so excited to see you all today and I hope everyone is doing wonderfully well. In today’s video we will be making bread, and of course you can see our bread maker here. And we are making tea bread. We will start with the dough setting with our bread maker and then we will continue in our oven. The reason is because I got so many questions like can I use my bread maker of course that is what is for, also I will like to clarify something that I said in my sugar bread video, that double rising causes fermentation and fermentation causes your dough to become sour. Correction, when you add yeast water and sugar into flour the rising process is already a fermentation process, the over fermentation of dough is what cause it to be come sour. I was taught
that we do not double rise but there are other people that where taught differently, and I would like to respect everybody’s recipe. Because there are some amazing bread recipes on you tube, try them all and choose the one that best suits you, so I hope I have clarified this, so after listening I was like okay, that did not come out right.


Step by step method

  • STEP 1

    We are going to add everything in our bread maker bowl, and I added the yeast last so that it doesn’t come in contact with the salt easily.

  • STEP 2

    And we are going to use our dough setting to mix our dough, I added just half of the water so as the dough mixes and it forms am going to add the rest of the water checking the texture to see if it’s at the texture that I like then we are going to go from there. So here am just adding the water and helping with my spatula to mix it well once everything is done am going to cover it. Its going to mix everything thoroughly and it will knead it for a good 30 minutes, that’s why I absolutely love my bread machine, its perfect at this point, it’s done kneading and with recipe am not going roll to shape the dough so am going to use my rolling pin to create even more gluten and we are going to put it in the bread machine to rest for about 10 minutes but if you prefer to double rise your dough its totally up to you, my recipe does not require that. But that is also fine.

  • STEP 3

    So, it’s been about 10 minutes. So, it’s time for us to shape and am making four loaves, so I will cut into four quarters then with the heel of my palm am going to press it down to form this triangular shape and am going to start rolling from one tip and roll it all the way to the end just like you see right here. So once its get to the end you are going to go ahead and pinch it together and you are as good as done, you just need to roll it a bit more and try to get the size to be a bit pointy, you can roll it at this point on flour but I like to dust it on it that way I can dust it off before I enjoy and you want to put it down on the same sides so that it doesn’t open in the baking process. I then go ahead and dust some flour over it then I cover with plastic rubber and also my kitchen towel and am going to keep it in my oven for about an hour till it doubles or triples in size then we will be ready to bake.

  • STEP 4

    And here we go it has risen nicely and I have preheated my oven to 350 degrees. At this point I dust some flour and its ready to go, once I put it in am going to lower the temp to 325 degrees and have it baked for about 5 minutes and our tea bread will be ready. So there you have it, it is nice and you will have to give it a little knock and if its hollow then its perfectly done, so here you have it, our tea bread is done, the recipe is very simple you can close your eyes and still nail it.

  • Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoy this video. If you are a new subscriber, welcome to my channel this is Sweet Adjeley. Thank you so much for subscribing. And to the sweet team you all know I love you. Until I see you in my next video stay safe, keep loving each other and remember that the love of family is life’s greatest blessing.

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