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Hello sweet team welcome back to my channel. This is sweet Adjeley. Today’s recipe is my mother’s recipe, so I am going to quickly take you through the ingredients and once you find how easy this stew is and how tasty it turns out you are going to love it. Lets just start this recipe.


Step by step method

  • STEP 1

    First we will just chop up everything and put it in our pot, add everything in the pot and cook, and if you have a problem with your stew tasting sour, this is going to be one of the recipe that I promise you, you are going to love. It’s also a quick any-day stew that you can just add everything in a pot then sit back and relax, the only thing is you are going to do is stir periodically so that your stew do not burn and do not forget your garbage container it helps a lot in the kitchen.

  • STEP 2

    Next, we will just put our vegetables on the stove and add our choice of oil and cook until the tomato releases its juices. So, we are pretty much cooking the stew in the vegetables’ juices, we didn’t add any water at all. At this point, I add some habanero pepper, its optional. And once we cook the vegetables until they are nice and tender, we will get everything out of the pot and go ahead and blend it, rinse the blender and add the water then we simmer it down nicely until oil begins to form on top, not forgetting to stir periodically, at this point I will add my mackerel and stir it up and the stew already taste good so you don’t need much seasoning but salt, I don’t eat a lot of salt so I choose to add a bit of my homemade shrimp seasoning and I will give it a stir and taste it to make sure it taste good, and it was perfect.

  • Am now cooking some rice for the babies and my husband and I will enjoy it with yam.

  • STEP 3

    At this point the stew is done so I will take some out and set aside, because I don’t want to put the eggs in all stew, beside my younger son do not like eggs stew, so I just go ahead and add the eggs to the little bit that is left, cover it up and let it steam then I will stir it and flip the eggs, cover it up and let it cook a little bit. That should be it. When you check and its not done you just keep cooking it, make sure you cook on low heat so that your stew doesn’t burn because it can burn quickly. And now garnish with some green peppers and red onions o give it some freshness and also some crunch, and that’s about it, our stew is done. So, this is guaranteed not to be sour, so in one pot I made egg stew and I also made regular tomato stew and here you have it with my yam, I love yam.

  • Thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoy this video. If you are a new subscriber, welcome to my channel this is sweet Adjeley. Thank you so much for subscribing. And to the sweet team you all know I love you. Until I see you in my next video stay safe, keep loving each other and remember that the love of family is life’s greatest blessing.


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