Easy Homemade Pizza Dough

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Hello sweet team, welcome back to my channel. This is sweet Adjeley. So, my sweet, I trust you have made your marinara sauce and your cheese. Because once our dough is ready all we need to do is make our pizza, so this is the recipe you need.


Step by step method


  • STEP 1

    To begin, I will activate my yeast, which is optional but it is good to do this to make sure your yeast is good because you do everything and it doesn’t rise which means your yeast is not good and you have wasted you flour and everything else. So about 5 minutes later this is what we have, meaning our yeast is good so we will add oil flour and salt and I will hand mix it, for those of you that requested that I told you how to make bread without a machine, this is my go to method I don’t like dough in between my hands so I will use my spatula throughout, so once you mix everything together and the dough forms, you are going to turn it from the bottom while rotating your dough and this is my first method of hand mixing, my favorite though.

  • STEP 2

    So once its together like this you are going to put the spatula in the bottom, turn it over, while rotating your bowl until you have formed a beautiful dough. So, as you can see our dough have created a nice gluten and its ready. So, I am going to set this aside and show you the second method which is.


  • STEP 1

    You are going to mix all ingredients together with exception of the oil and am going to use the oil as a sort of ant- sticking agent because, like I said ,I don’t like dough sticking on my fingers but if don’t mind then use your hand. So, with this I add my oil or butter or whatever fat you are using little by little while kneading until you use the fat that the dough requires. Just like am doing here so am mixing until it begins to stick on my fingers then I add more oil, I will keep doing that until I run out of oil. Once that is done I will begin to pick it up and smash it in the bowl until my dough is nice and smooth and just beautiful but if you don’t like any of this method, then you can put it on your board and knead it, but when I do that I end up with body ache and it is not that much dough in the world to make me feel sick. So, you see without putting it once on the board, look at our beautiful dough.

  • STEP 2

    So, you then ungrease your bowl turn it over and allow it to rise, but back to the spatula method once this is done am going to round it up and make it look beautiful by just flouring my board turn it over and give it a quick knead sort of to shape it because I don’t want to use more flour than I need.

  • There you have your beautiful pizza dough is done in two ways, choose the one that best suits you and make your dough. So, when this is done you want to grease your bowl and put your dough in it, so when your are making two pizzas you will cut this into two, I feel that is the easier way than allowing it to rise and then cutting it, that’s too much, also if you are going to freeze it, you have to do your first initial rising before freezing it then when you are ready to use it, you just allow it to tor, spread it out on your pizza sheet or baking sheet and make your pizza and that’s it.


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