Perfect Ghana Meat Pie Recipe

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Hello sweet team. Welcome back to my website, this is Sweet Adjeley. Our long-awaited meat pie recipe is here. So am not going to talk too much, we are getting right into it.

Step by step method

  • Step 1

    To begin, I like to make my own homemade ground beef and do that by getting my favorite cut of meat and I just cut it out and parboil it off the stove. Now, if you want to know how I parboil it off the stove, check out my beef sauce recipe.To begin, I like to make my own homemade ground beef and do that by getting my favorite cut of meat and I just cut it out and parboil it off the stove. Now, if you want to know how I parboil it off the stove, check out my beef sauce recipe.

  • Step 2

    Once everything is cut out and I go ahead and wash and parboil it, I put it in my blender and I add some green onions and half a medium onion and am going to grind this meat and onions together so you know we are already building up on the flavor, now its nice and ready.

  • Step 3

    We are going to go ahead to add some coconut oil into our pot and to that we will add our meat and we are going to brown this or steam it. And I will season it with some onion powder, garlic powder, beef seasoning, a little bit of salt to taste and cayenne pepper. The pepper is optional, I just like some heat to my food.

  • Step 4

    So, once we mix everything together, we allow it to cook while we measure out the rest of our ingredients, so after I measure my flour, I will use the same cup to measure the butter. You want to use the same cup for everything so that you have the right measurements. I then slice up some onions and set it aside.

  • Step 5

    At this point my meat have cooked nicely so am going to add some water to eat it, to the same level of the meat and allow it to cook some more and I will let it cook down halfway. Once its cooked down am going to dilute a tablespoon of corn starch and I will add it to my sauce to thicken it up, it’s going to make it very nice and moist. And I hope you have made your corn starch. So after I add this am going to give it a good stir and cover it halfway and allow it to simmer for about 5 minutes, after 5 minutes it is ready so we are going to turn the heat off and allow it to cool down completely. Yes, it has to be cooled completely.

  • Step 6

    So now we work on our dough and I have my cold butter and shortening. And you always want to level your cups when you use it to measure up. I have my baking powder and my salt and am going to add that and mix it well then, I will add my butter and shortening, in using my pastry blender am boing to mix it very well. But if you don’t have a pastry blender you can go ahead and use your spatula, a spoon or fork. The reason being you can not put your warm hands in your cold mix immediately the because your butter and stuff will start to melt and you don’t want that once its done you should be able to ball it up and you should hold it soft but also crumple very well at the same time.

  • STEP 7

    Next am going to add my six tablespoons of water, very cold water. But I don’t add all at the same time, because if you do that you are going to end up having to add more flour to your mixture which will take away the richness of your dough so am going to add it bit by bit until am satisfied. And then I begin to mold it. And now we are going to go ahead and knead it a bit, so we are going to put it together and mold it until we form a nice soft dough, so we do knead our pie dough a bit. And this this a perfect dough that am going for, the texture is perfect for me, so am going to divide it in half, wrap it up nicely and let it rest it in my refrigerator for about 30 minutes and by then everything to be nice and cold for us to work with. At this point our meat is nice and cooked so am adding some fresh onions and that is it, we are done.

  • STEP 8

    The next step I use eggs and milk as my egg wash, so am going to beat it together and set aside. Then am going to divide my dough into the pieces that am going to use, if it too small you can still add more, here its too small so am just adding a bit more. Making sure not sure not work it too much, rolling a bog dough out and cutting all those rounds will cause you to create more gluten, and your pie becomes hard and crunchy in a way you don’t want. You want it nice, and flaky and mushy. If you are using your pie mold you don’t want to press it out. Once you lay it in leave it like that and you put your filling add water to the side to that it seals nicely as soon as you close it you don’t have a ladder excess, but as soon as you spread it out to the edges you are definitely going to have a ladder excess dough to cut it out. And this the thickness that I go for, I love this thickness its perfect, you can go thicker or thinner. Is still totally up to you, but my personal favorite tool to mold my pie is the lid. Am telling you, its my old time favorite and I think it gives me much beautiful pie than the pie mold, I like that but you can choose which one you like best. With that one side roll it out, I just cut out the sides of the lid, I add my filling, add the seal and the end, with the aid of my thumb I press it together, with my index finger I just make my nice indentation and the design is beautiful. I use the plastic forks for my pokes because it comes out so easily, its perfect. I don’t know I hate the regular silver way. This works perfectly for me, I then egg wash it.

  • STEP 9

    And into our oven it goes. And the oven is set 350 degrees. It is preheated already and am going to be baking this for 35 minutes and it came out just nice and golden brown, but know your oven and how well it works and how many minutes you keep it in. I like this perfect golden brown; you can go darker or lighter, and there you have it, our pie is nice, it is ready. But I can talk plenty if I don’t show you how it looks inside then its pointless, with a push it cracks open. Look at that, the crust is nice and rich the filling is nice and moist do try this recipe my sweet you are not going to regret it.

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