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Hello sweet team, welcome back to my channel, this is sweet Adjeley. I am so excited to be with you all today and I hope everyone is doing wonderfully well. In today’s video I share my very quick and simple coated peanuts recipe with you all. Let’s get started as a I take you through my ingredients.


Step by step method

  • STEP 1

    Am going to blench my peanuts by bringing some water to a boil, to that I will add some salt and the peanuts. Let it cook for about two minutes and we drain the water out and spread it on a tray to dry for about an hour or two. If you leave in under a fan it will be even faster.

  • STEP 2

    Next in a bowl am going to add my flour and corn starch, mix it well and set it aside. In a separate bowl and am going to add my egg, sugar, salt, baking powder, nutmeg and butter flavor and give it a good mix. To these am going to add two tbs of milk. You can use whole milk or evaporated milk, it doesn’t matter. to these am going to add about 2 tbs of my cornstarch and flour mix. You don’t want to add it at the same time, you will add then mix and check the consistency, and this is the consistency that I am going for.

  • STEP 3

    So, we are ready to go, our peanuts are ready, our butter is ready, and our flour mix is ready. So, in a bowl I add the peanuts, and then I add my butter, mix well and then will sprinkle with some of our corn starch flour mix. Shake it around very well until each peanut is coated. If some are sticking together, you will use a spatula and fork like am doing to separate it and it is done, but before frying you will make sure that you will take it out of the crumps that will created when you were coating your peanuts.

  • STEP 4

    So, I put it in a mesh strainer and shake it in a separate plate to leave the crumps behind I don’t want that crumps in my oil. Now in case you have some sticking you will use the spatula to separate it like this, you can use your fork also. But I have this mini spatula that I like to use for this purpose, while you separate, you mix it and use dry flour to coat it one more time so it does not stick back together or you can dust your fingers with flour, you know the corn starch flour mix and use that to separate it just like this and it works as well.


    Now if you want to do a second coating, you have to take it out from the crumps again, because you don’t want to just put your butter onto the peanuts with that crumps, it will stick to it and you will not have a nice presentation. So once that is done you can then go ahead and add more butter to it mix well, dust it with your flour corn starch mix and continue the process. I also found out that corn starch is known as corn flour in Ghana, so if you going to buy ask for corn flour.


    Now a third way you can make this, is by putting your peanuts directly into the butter in using a slater spoon, scoop it into the corn starch flour mix, mix it well. Use a different slater spoon to just scoop it out and shake it around to get them to be round. I use the fork because I wasn’t making a lot but try all these methods and see which one works best for you. Either the butter onto the peanuts then mix and add the flour or the peanuts onto the butter and then scoop out into the flour and see which one you like best.


    And there you have it, now we are ready to fry. You want to set your stove on medium low, check the oil to ensure that it is at a perfect temperature, you do not want to fry these on a high heat at all because it will cook so fast on outside but the inside will not be cooked at all and you don’t want that. Making these takes time, and so you don’t want to go to through all the coating and everything and then end up burning it so be patient with it. Make these on the day that that’s the only thing you want to do or that day, and you want to do. Stir all the time because there’s so timing, if one side begins to cook it becomes heavy and it weighs down, so when you turn it will flip over to the coked and side and keep burning so you have to stir it nicely until it is a nice a golden brown color just like this. Now at this point you will begin getting it out of the oil and allowing the residual heat to continue cooking it because once food comes out of oil it continues to cook and if you cook it until your preferred brownness, it will get darker than how it was when you took it out. So am going to get mine out and set it aside to cook completely and that is it.

  • Here I show you what happens when your oil is way too hot. Now this is real time I did not fast forward or slow it or anything, I just want you to see how quickly it cooked, now do you think this is cooked. It is not cooked at all. The outside is nicely brown you should be getting it out of the oil but it is not done, and you will be forced to get it out and your guest will bite into this and it will be soft and raw and you do not want that.

  • So now to me using roasted peanuts is the best way to go. I showed you how I was taught growing up top make it which it the blench peanuts and making from raw, but to guarantee your crunch, you can go ahead and use roasted peanuts and skip the blenching part and on your holiday table, wont it be pretty to use these as a center piece because we enjoy this most of the time with chips. Ghana party chips. Make some, pair it together and you can never go wrong this way.

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