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Hello sweet team welcome back to my channel. This is sweet Adjeley. Our Akplidzii recipe, A.K.A Aprapransa recipe is now ready. So, lets get started on the soup because every good Akplidzii the soup must be good.


  • For Aklplidzii / Apranpransa
  • For Soup
  • Protein

Step by step method

  • STEP 1

    So, am just going to cut up one of the onions together with the garlic and ginger blend it very well and we are going to use that to steam our meat. Next pour in my tomato paste and spice blend cubes, also my blended up ingredients beef seasoning salt, cover it up and bring it to a boil, once it boils you want to give it a good stir to ensure that the Ingredients are everywhere and its flavoring up your meat.

  • STEP 2

    I will then go ahead to add my cow foot remember the parboiled cow foot because they are all at the same tenderness, now mix everything really well, as I always say this should be the saltiest part of your cooking process to ensure that your cook taste good.

  • STEP 3

    Now am going to poke hole in my onions so that it cooks faster, ensure that the knife is facing up so you don’t cut yourself. I add my tomatoes and habanero pepper and am just going to go ahead and cook that.

  • STEP 4

    Now, I will go ahead and prep my palm fruits so that those little black specs that are in there will settle beautifully on the bottom and I can just pour what I need out and get rid of that, that is just some of the break ups from the palm kernel, the little nuts that are inside the palm fruits when they mash it or break it falls off into the cream. At this point, my meat has steam nicely, my sauce has thicken beautifully, it’s just so flavorful. This will let you know that my soup is going to be really good and my vegetables are also done, so I will get them out and blend them nicely and using my colander I will strain it into my pot of soup or meat.

  • STEP 5

    Once I strain it into it, am going to go ahead and add in my palm fruit and you want to pour it carefully leaving those black thing behind, and this palm fruit was actually very good it didn’t have too much of that. I added enough water to cook my soup am going to cover it halfway and allow it to do its thing, checking on it periodically my soup is halfway done so am going to add this smoke blooper into it but after washing it the skin became so soft so I decided to take off the skin also take off the little bones that are on the side because I don’t want it to fall into the soup and somebody swallow it and hurt themselves. So once that goes in the soup is just going to be simmering and doing its thing. This soup is very delicious all over. And we are making Akplidzii we always add crabs. My hubby do not love crabs or does he love Apkplidzii, so I decided to scoop some off the soup off for my crabs and put it aside which will also cook the crabs.

  • STEP 6

    And here I have my homemade roasted corn flour which is what we use to make Akplidzii, if you haven’t made yours yet, I will leave the link in my description box so you can check it out and make it yourself. So my crabs are ready, that soup is done I get the crabs out and we just add in our roasted corn flour and we are going to stir it, now if we are making Apklidzii like I said earlier, the soup is what makes everything. When your soup is good your Akplidzii is also going to be good. Now when you add your roasted corn flour and it looks liquid, like that, don’t even worry about it because it will swell up and it will be just perfect, so that consistency in the beginning that you saw is actually what you need in order for you to get a perfect Akplidzii, because as it sits its going to become hard if you don’t use enough soup in it from the beginning. Look at that it looks so good. I wish my hubby eats this stuff because it tasted so good. This was just so delicious, we always like to serve it in a molded shape whatever, so that it should look so nice and beautiful. You could only find this at big parties, not everyday food, this stuff is expensive and you just garnish it with your crabs, my crabs are not perfect looking but they just did the job, some of them their claws are broken off, but hey, that doesn’t matter just look at our Akplidzii also known as apranpransa. That is it, its that simple and easy.

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