Adunlei/Adunlee/Kokoro (Cornmeal Sticks)

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Hello sweet team, welcome back to my website. This is SWEET ADJELEY.

Today we will be preparing a Gluten Free Snack called Adunlei/Adunlee/Kokoro (Sweet & Crunchy Cornmeal Sticks). Now as promised ‘Akpiti’s’ skinny cousin ‘Adunlei’ as arrived. If you are new to my website, join the
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Step by step method

  • STEP 1

    So, you will first make your ‘Aflata’, just like in the Akpiti video. So when it comes together and we get the stretchiness that we are looking for.

  • STEP 2

    Then we will clean around our pans and wooden spoon. And cover it up and allow it to cool. You do not want to cool this uncovered because it will create a skin around it which will cause your doughnut not to be as smooth as you want it.

  • STEP 3

    Next we heat our oil then knead our cornmeal, you knead it just like bread. We are going to knead it into a very nice and stiff consistency. Just like that.

  • STEP 4

    Next we will go ahead and shape it up. This the fun part, we take that amount that we need, we put some cornmeal in our hands and rub it in our palm then we lay it on our board and roll it thinly out. Okay, almost like fingers, but be sure that the end is almost skinny. That is what signifies the Adunlei, and Adunlei simply means ‘monkey tail’. This stuff is so good and so crunchy, I like Akpiti but I love Adunlei. You need to try this recipe, its pretty much the same everything except that this is skinnier.

  • STEP 5

    So now we are ready to fry. We are just going to drop them into the oil, be careful when you are lifting it up because it could break on you. And as soon it solidifies you will constantly stir. Because the ends are very skinny, they begin to burn quickly, so if you don’t stir the ends which are my favorite parts it will burn on you. And you don’t wanna lose the crunch. You see how nice and golden brown it is. You can fry it even darker, because the more you fry the crunchier it becomes. As long as it’s not burnt and tasting bitter.

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